SHOCKING: Luxury hotels apologise for dodgy cleaning practices

Hidden camera footage has revealed cleaners in more than a dozen five-star hotels in China using dirty towels to clean toilets, cups and showers.


The 12-minute video, that was posted to popular Chinese social media site, Weibo, also showed cleaning staff washing cups and mugs with the same sponge used to wipe down the shower and sink, according to the ABC.

China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism has ordered an investigation into the breaches of hygiene standards, and 11 of the 14 hotels involved, including the Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai and the Park Hyatt in Beijing, have since apologised.

The Waldorf Astoria, Shanghai
The Waldorf Astoria, Shanghai

The viral footage was posted by a blogger using the pseudonym Huazong, who said he spent more than 2,000 nights in 147 five-star hotels in several major Chinese cities.

In one hotel featured, Huazong’s caption indicated that a hotel he paid $317 a night for was washing dishes with a cloth that was stored next to a used toilet-cleaning brush.

The clip has since been shared 80,000 times, and a topic section dedicated to it on Weibo has been clicked on 99 million times, according to the ABC.

“Even the best hotels in China, their hygiene and ethics levels are not comparable to a small hotel in Japan,” one user wrote.

“Everyone knows about it, the hotel has high and low levels. But some people have no bottom line,” said another.

All we can say is we’ll definitely be soaking any cups at hotels in hand sanitiser before we use them in the future.