Song hotel sings praises of inspirational women

Last night the YWCA Song hotel, Australia’s only profit for purpose hotel, launched a new top secret range of Inspirational Women themed rooms and we are super bloody excited about it!


The new Women’s Wing, as it’s called, consists of nine rooms, each dedicated to and influenced by a different inspiring Australian woman, all of whom had a helping hand in the design.

Sia, Lee-Lin Chin, Nakkiah Lui, Missy Higgins, Tina Arena, Bindi Irwin, Sally Rugg and Deborah Mailman will each have a room in the wing dedicated to their unique passions and persona.

There will also be a room entitled “She Paved the Way,” to celebrate the history of feminism in Australia.

Um please excuse us while we swoon for a while.


“The Women’s Wing is a new, proud chapter in our mission,” says Vanessa Beggs, CEO of the NSW branch of the YWCA.

“[It pays] homage to women whose talent, drive, individuality, and collaboration with others to build a better community for all represent the values of the YWCA NSW in the 21st century.”

Explaining the ‘profit for purpose’ model, Beggs says: “All profits made from Song Hotel are directed to programs that focus on women’s empowerment and leadership, eliminating violence against women and their children and providing safe harbour”.

“We’re so proud to be dedicating nine of our hotel rooms to inspirational Aussie women whose work aligns with our mission.”

As the art sponsor for the project, Bluethumb has supplied 25 artworks worth over $25,000 in the wing.

The artworks were chosen in collaboration with the rooms’ impressive muses.


Based on the stars’ specific briefs and personas, the Bluethumb team curated an appropriate selection of stunning artworks by some of the strongest among its successful female artists.

For The Sia Room, for example, which is music-themed, the team curated a selection of artworks that pay homage to Sia’s work and aesthetics.

The final choice, Track Two, by Sherry McCourt, is not only created by a female artist, but also features a female subject.

“The YWCA has been advocating for women’s rights since the late 1800s in Sydney,” says Bluethumb artist  Sherry McCourt when asked why she wanted to get involved in the project.

“Although Track Two was originally composed to acknowledge the daily commute thousands of us have every day to get to work, perhaps the title could also reflect our aim to keep ourselves on track – to keep on reaching for our goals.”

“We’re still having the same conversations about women in society and I’m very proud to be included in this small way with this wonderful project which celebrates Australian women’s success stories. We aren’t just reaching for the chandelier – we’re reaching beyond.”