“Stick with us”: Get Local canned for 2021, new date set for next year

Get Local will no longer take place in 2021 after the in-person event was postponed for a third time.

The expo was originally slated for the end of July, is now expected to take place on 15 and 16 February 2022.

In June, Get Local was moved to August in response to a spate of state lockdowns, before it was bumped to October towards the end of July.

Get Local co-owners Donna Kessler and Gary Bender (pictured above) said they were confident the new dates will coincide with a return of domestic travel and events as national vaccination targets are met.

“Get Local in February 2022 will be the perfect place to connect with Sydney event planners – Australia’s largest market – many of whom you have probably only spoken to or emailed over the last two years,” Kessler said.

“Conversely, it will also be the place for practitioners who are expected to ramp up their event activity in 2022 after such a long hiatus to meet with Get Local exhibitors.”

“The journey this year has been a rocky one for all of us, but we are staying firm in our desire to make Get Local happen at the most appropriate time,” Bender said.

“You are part of this great community and with your ongoing support we will all make this happen. Stick with us.”

Like all in the Australian business event sector, Kessler and Bender said they were buoyed by the increase in meeting and event activity in countries that have far larger vaccination rates than Australia, and were confident the local industry will be in a better position to follow suit in early 2022.

“Until then we have to stay safe and positive, get vaccinated and prepare for an incredibly busy year ahead,” Kessler said.