TAG unveils new digital product suite

Travel and event management company TAG has launched a new suite of digital products aimed at helping travellers get back on the road and in the air with confidence.

TAGdigital comprises of four tools: an itinerary app, an analytics platform, duty-of-care traveller tracking software and an account management platform.

Available either as individual solutions or as a full suite, the new digital products aim to instil confidence in both travellers and travel managers as business travel resumes, according to TAG’s business development and strategy director, Daniel Price.

“Business travel has changed significantly over the past 18 months, and TAGdigital reflects those changes,” he said.

“We have worked closely with our existing corporate and investment management clients to pinpoint areas of concern and new requirements, developing the technology to meet those needs.”

Initially for use in the corporate market, the technology also has applications in TAG’s four other divisions: touring, events, private travel and production.

Following a successful rollout to corporate clients, the suite will be made available to all clients across TAG’s business towards the beginning of 2022.

“We discovered that one main concern was the risk of changes to a journey, which is an all too frequent occurrence these days,” Price said.

“Our clients were wanting increased levels of information, communication and reassurance, so we developed TAGgo, our itinerary app, to meet those requirements.

“The concerns are not just specific to business travellers. Most people making a journey, business or personal, in the current climate are looking for extra reassurance and assistance, which is why we have plans to bespoke the suite to cover the needs of all our clients – not just those travelling for business.”

With a combination of new and repurposed products, mobile and desktop applications, traveller and travel manager focus, Price said the suite aims to simplify and whole travel process.

“TAGdigital gives our clients greater control over their travel program,” he said.

“We pride ourselves on being a partner – not just a supplier – and this suite of products enables us to do that more effectively than ever.”

The launch of TAGdigital comes not long after the company launched a specialist division for the investment management sector.

Featured image source: iStock/NatalyaBurova