Teen boys fake wedding in attempt to throw formal after-party with 150 people

Two best friends from an elite Sydney high school recently hatched an elaborate plan to get married so they could throw a formal after-party with more than 30 guests.

According to The Daily Telegraph, two Year 12 boys who attended Sydney Grammar planned their ‘wedding’ during the HSC period after they identified a loophole in the COVID-19 restrictions that would allow them to throw a party with 150 people.

Current restrictions in NSW dictate that outdoor get-togethers can only host 30 people; however, the number rises to 150 if guests are celebrating a wedding.

The plan, which was to host the party at one the boy’s parent’s mansion, was ruined when the parents in question returned home from a trip out of town early upon hearing about the party.

However, one of the boy’s parents has since come forward to deny any “legally binding ceremony took place”, according to The Daily Telegraph.

“Clearly, this was a silly teenage idea,” the boy’s father said.

“However, no legally binding ceremony took place and we shut down the planned private celebratory event as soon as we found out about it, and thankfully, nobody was put at risk.”

The father said he had hired a security firm to turn away anyone who did show up.

“We are fully aware of the extremely high level of importance of complying with all aspects of the Coronavirus restrictions, and we’ve made sure that our family understands this, too,” he said.

“Our son has apologised to our family, as well as to the other families who were involved, and we have made it clear to him how important compliance with the coronavirus restrictions is.”

A friend of the students told The Daily Telegraph that the pair were given away after an image of the wedding certificate circulated on social media.

“The problem was the first social media post, their address got leaked, it didn‘t really eventuate, but it is a great story,” the student’s friend said, adding that while the two boys involved had a strong friendship it was purely a platonic one.

Image source: Facebook/Brown Cardigan