Travel DAZE to host a truly Exceptional Alien

Hello and welcome to another fabulous Travel DAZE reveal!

One of our fabulous keynote speakers is Justin Drape, co-founder of Exceptional ALIEN, and no, he’s got nothing to do with ET, Scully, Mulder or crop circles (that we know of, at least).

Exceptional ALIEN is a platform for travel curated by exceptional creators.

In his keynote presentation, Drape, will share insights into why the future of travel is creative, and unveil an inside look at new software Exceptional ALIEN is launching in 2022 called ‘Travel Playbooks’.

Intrigued? Come see Exceptional ALIEN at this year’s Travel DAZE!

Travel DAZE is Travel Weekly’s home-grown remedy for the biggest challenges facing travel, bringing together great minds from across the globe to share ideas and challenge the status quo.

As the travel reboot steps up a gear, the importance of coming together and learning how we can make the future of travel sustainable is more important than ever.

Join us on 9 June 2022 at the iconic Palace Chauvel Cinema and together, we can rebuild better and stronger than ever.

To find out more, and get your ticket, go HERE.