Unyoked launches in New Zealand and Tasmania

Unyoked has announced two major business milestones, with the welcoming of their first two locations in Tasmania, and their first international launch into New Zealand.

The outdoors start-up believes that spending time out in the wilderness can unlock infinite positives for your mind, body and creativity.

The hideaways intensify nature immersion which is scientifically proven to physically reduce stress and anxiety, improve creative problem solving, and unlock feelings of awe and perspective.

Unyoked’s Tasmanian properties are further off-grid to the city, and surrounded by the pristine southern wilderness.

Unyoked is helping more people make a habit of going off-grid, no matter where they are, or wherever they’re going.

Close to 50 naturally-immersive locations in Australia alone.

Unyoked is influencing positive behavioural change, and educating people on the importance of simplifying & slowing down.

The company is expecting to hit 10,000 nights booked since launching at the end of May.

Unyoked has collaborated with Matthew McConaughey, released vinyl with Future Classic, founded their own record label, and published a Writer’s Anthology, which attracted hundreds of submissions from the public.