WATCH: Stunt at Tesla’s Cybertruck unveiling goes horribly wrong

Tesla’s much-anticipated unveiling of its Cybertruck didn’t quite go according to plan, after the vehicle’s armoured glass windows shattered during a demonstration.

The Cybertruck was unveiled by Tesla boss Elon Musk and his crew in Los Angeles on Thursday.

During the event, Tesla design chief Franz Von Halzhausen put the car through its paces, striking its doors with a sledgehammer to test their dexterity, which bounced harmlessly from them without any damage.

But when it came time to test the strength of the pick-up truck’s windows, Von Halzhausen’s metal-ball-throwing efforts left them shattered.

“Oh my f***ing God. Well, maybe that was a little too hard,” Musk joked of Von Halzhausen’s first throw.

The ball was then thrown at another window, which cracked the same way.

“At least it didn’t go through. That’s a plus side,” he added.

Watch the blunder in all its hilarity below:

Musk later tweeted a video of a successful test of the Cybertruck’s windows, apparently filmed before the event.

Musk claims the Blade Runner-esque vehicle is better than the most popular competitor in the US, the Ford F-150, and faster than a Porsche 911 sports car.

Responses to the Cybertruck on social media have been extremely mixed, with many users mocking the ‘80s sci-fi inspired design and its botched launch.

But despite the vehicle being mocked online and the window dexterity stunt not going to plan, sales for the vehicle are going well. According to Musk,  250,000 vehicles have been pre-sold at $100 each since the unveiling event.