What a $100 hotel room looks like around the world

Accommodation is far from standardised. What you can get for a certain price in one country can be a far cry from what you can get in another.

So where can you get the most bang for your buck?

By trawling through available hotels on Hotels Finder, analysed what a room for $100 per night looks like around the world.

As anticipated, rooms ranged from 5-star resort stays in more budget-friendly locations such as Bali and Bangkok to standard 1-star (or no star) rooms in pricier destinations such as Japan and Paris.

Searching for a luxe stay without the luxe price tag? You might just have found it.

5-star stays for $100 or less

Unsurprisingly, Bali tops the list for affordable resort-style locations that don’t compromise on opulence and relaxation. The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa in Bali comes in at $99 per night and features yoga classes, kids’ clubs and an outdoor pool sauna.

? The Mansion Resort Hotel And Spa ?

Thailand’s resort islands may be getting pricier, but for bargain 5-star accommodation, Bangkok has the answer. The alil Hotel Sukhumvit 57 – Thonglor has rooms for $100 per night and features saltwater pools and a jacuzzi. Each room includes an oversized bathtub, bathrobes, towels and more.


Hotel H20 in Manila, Philippines is a 5-star property with views over Manila Bay. Priced at $93 per night, it features a sauna, a pool and an in-house spa.


Mid-range stays for $100 or less

London’s YHA in St Pancras might not look like much, but it is regarded as a 4-star hostel. It’s lauded as one of the best hostels in the city and features standard amenities such as laundry facilities and lockers.


The 4-star Grand Excelsior Hotel in Dubai is an oasis of calm, located in between the city and the airport. Relax in the Turkish steam bath, capture views of the city from the rooftop or dance the night away in the on-site night club.


Sydney’s Wynyard Hotel is one of the few Aussie stays that you can get for under $100 if you’re searching for a room just for yourself. It’s a 4-star hotel, though for this price, you’ll only be able to book the most basic room.


In the states, $100 per night can get you a standard room in a 2-star hotel such as the Roxy in Los Angeles. It features all the standard mod-cons and free Wi-Fi.


One of the most expensive cities to stay in hotel-wise is Singapore. For $98 per night you’ll be able to secure yourself a capsule in the MET A Space Pod hotel. It’s a grand novelty and a 2-star property that includes hostel-style facilities such as a laundry service and a games room.


Paris is renowned for being one of the most expensive cities to stay in, so it should come as no surprise that $100 isn’t going to get you much more than this, a room in the 1-star Grand Hotel Magenta. As basic as they come, a room here includes Wi-Fi, cable/satellite channels and a hair dryer.


For the purposes of this experiment, all hotel rooms were available to book on the same day to minimise any surge prices around peak dates.

Stephanie Yip is a Travel Writer at, the site that compares virtually everything.