Garance Doré shares her top travel tips for an ultra chic trip

Le Méridien hotels and resorts have announced a super chic global summer program so you can soirée your winter blues away!

Which we are welcoming with open arms, as we slowly de-frost ourselves with excessive amounts of tea in our freezing Sydney office.


The global program will bring the playful glamour and golden vibes of European summer to more than 100 hotels around the world.

The hoteliers have collaborated on Au Soleil: A Summer Soiree with the ultra chic Garance Doré, celebrated writer, creative director and founder of Atelier Doré.

To find out more about the program and get all the hottest tips on how to travel in style, we had a chat with Doré, who was only a little bit disgusted by the grime meets dysfunctional chic of our office.


Travel Weekly: What holiday destinations are on your radar this year?

Garance Doré: I am very excited by the South of France, and the South West as well. I am also looking forward to discovering the Atacama Desert in Chile, being fully immersed in nature.

TW: Do you have a favourite destination of all time?

GD: There can’t be just one, but if I had to pick I would say Corsica, that’s where I come from and it’s truly breathtaking on every level.

TW: Do you have any must-pack items for when you go travelling?

GD: I do, and they’re pretty simple: ear plugs and sleeping mask! The most important in life is to get enough sleep, or else you can’t enjoy anything.

TW: What made you want to collaborate on Le Meridien’s summer program?

GD: Le Meridien embodies an effortless style that is unmistakably Parisian and undeniably global; a chic simplicity with a sense of humour, which complements Atelier Doré perfectly.

Summer Soirée by Le Méridien –brings the playful glamour of European summers to life with the allure of the Côte d’Azur, which I find refreshing and something that I haven’t seen done before in the hospitality arena.

It’s also the perfect platform and partnership for us to launch our Art of Life video series on Atelier Doré.


TW: What can guests expect from the program?

GD: Le Méridien hotels will feature a dedicated Petit Plates menu offering light and local fare alongside rosé spritzers and aperitifs, part of the brand’s signature Sparkling programme.

The brand will also bring a modern twist to the iconic seaside pastime of backgammon – ubiquitous throughout the Mediterranean in summer months – inviting guests to lounge a little longer, with an exclusive summer soundtrack, curated byFrench Bossa Nova collective Nouvelle Vague.

Embodying the idea that the sun never sets on the jet set, Le Méridien will chase the sun continuing Au Soleil: a Summer Soirée programme around the globe, from Dubai and Bangkok. Soirées will occur nightly, weekly or at celebratory moments throughout the summer months in both northern and southern hemispheres, in destinations as diverse as Split and Seoul, Nice andNew Orleans.

TW: Do you have any top tips for travelling in style this summer?

GD: I think less is more. Under pack and buy some local treasures, straw bags, traditional blouses, etc. It’s nice to shop local.