Hotel Review: Blakes Hotel, London

Dan Uglow

An establishment for those in the know, Blakes is a five-star hotel that nestles itself in amongst West London’s leafy and exclusive surrounds of Kensington.

Location 9/10

Located on the fringe of central London, Kensington is known for its rows of beautiful Georgian houses and strip of world-renowned museums, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum (that kids will love) and the unequivocal Natural History Museum.

Blakes is within an easy 10-minute walk of these as well as the cafes, restaurants and tube station of South Kensington.

Welcome 8/10

Arriving into the UK late in the evening following a 13-hour flight is an experience that all travelling Aussies know only too well.

The hotel is a 15-minute cab ride from Paddington Station, which is the terminus for the Heathrow Express, and therefore a relatively painless start to your client’s time in London.

Welcome and check in was friendly, small-scale and extremely personal.

Facilities 7/10

Blakes 1

Blakes Hotel is a boutique property that prides itself on a degree of exclusivity.

It is also located within a historic building that has planning restrictions and therefore large-scale facilities are somewhat limited.

Nevertheless, there is a funky outdoor courtyard that duels for outdoor drinking and eating, the bar with its dark aesthetic is a great place for evening drinks, there’s also a roof top terrace.

However, drinks and breakfast aren’t kind on the wallet and there are plenty of alternate cafes within 10 minutes’ walk that offer a better breakfast for less of a hit.

blakes 4

Room 9/10

Ultimately Blakes is all about interior design. Funky stylish rooms draw inspiration from all over the globe with tastefully, but slightly wacky rooms.

Blaskes 3

If your clients like to stay somewhere different, then this is the place for them. The bar and courtyard are both visually fantastic.

Overall 8/10

Maybe not for first time visitors to London, Blakes Hotel is as cool as a luxury organic cucumber. The location, again, for those who already have seen central London and now want to explore is as good as it gets with other highlights like Hyde Park, The Royal Albert Hall and the delights of Chelsea (and the world famous Stamford Bridge for soccer fans) all nearby.