How to make the most out of your annual leave

In case you didn’t know already, IT’S DECEMBER.

That means the year is nearly over and the season of wearing pyjama pants all day and drinking wine at 11 am is upon us.


But as we edge closer, there’s one thing most of us are thinking; How do we squeeze more days off into our break?

Luckily, we no longer have to scribble illegible dates into our notebooks trying to figure that out.

Contiki has done the maths and put together a calendar of holiday hacks to turn our precious 20 annual leave days into 49 days of days off work in 2018.

Calendar key points:

  • Turn 20 days of annual leave into 49 days of holidays
  • Public Holidays are based off National or State majority dates (I.e. No bank holidays or Melbourne cup type ones included)
  • The purple circles (TAKE LEAVE) are the days to put in for annual leave

Date breakdown for shorter holiday breaks:

  • Australia Day long weekend: 25th – 28th = 4 days off using 1 day of leave
  • Easter break: 26 March – 6 April = 16 days off using 8 days of leave
  • Anzac break: April 21 – April 29 = 9 days off using 4 days of leave
  • October break: September 29 – October 7 = 9 days off using 4 days of leave
  • Christmas break: December 22 – December 30 = 9 days off using 3 days of leave (can maximise by taking the 31st as leave and get 11 days off!)
  • BONUS ROUND: Extra leave? Look for the public holidays in January and June to turn one day off into 9 days and take a mini getaway