Last chance to grab early-bird Travel DAZE tickets!

To celebrate the fact that it’s Friday today, we’ve got a special ticket deal for you.

Well, it may have been going on for weeks. But it ends today!

That’s right, early bird tickets for Travel DAZE 2018 will only be available until midnight tonight!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Travel DAZE is Australia’s most influential forum for the travel industry.

Bringing together travel and business experts from around the globe and Australia, Travel DAZE focuses on the challenges that face marketers, business leaders, travel agents and senior management in today’s rapidly evolving leisure and corporate travel landscape in rapid-paced 18-minute talks.

Think of it as TED talks for the travel industry, with a specific focus on marketing, strategy, digital, creative, technology and retail.

But the best bit? You can still nab yourself some discounted tickets! If you wait until tomorrow, you’ll be $50 poorer, and a whole lot sadder, than if you bought early bird tickets. Just sayin’.


Head here to grab your tickets now – before you inevitably forget at happy hour later.

This year’s theme is Kick Arse – and the benefits are pretty self explanatory, we think.

Think kick arse speakers, kick arse info on technology, kick arse travel marketers; basically just teaching you how to be more kick arse.

Headlined by the one and only founder of G Adventures, Bruce Poon Tip, the fourth Annual Travel DAZE boasts credentials of being the smartest, fastest and most adored travel industry conference in Australia – and we’re super duper excited about it.

Remember, you can only get early bird Travel DAZE tickets until midnight tonight. Here’s that ticket link again, but for all the other deets, head to the website.

Travel DAZE 2018 will be held on Monday September 3 2018 at Belvoir St Theatre. See ya there!