Travel DAZE is back with big savings to boot!

Travel DAZE is back with a rip-roaring line-up, comfier seats at a swanky new venue and a world first – super early bird tickets priced at $250!

Travel DAZE 2019 will tackle sustainability, but we’re not just talking about carbon offsetting and charitable practices.

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Companies must now adopt a social cause to give their business purpose and a long term business strategy so it remains relevant and sustainable.

Sustainability is about marketing the sustainable credentials you have, sustaining staff and using tech to sustain growth. It’s about retail and wholesale moving away from the unsustainable race to push the lowest rate. It’s about advances in aviation, creative ideas based on moral principles and sustaining your customer base, market share and bottom line.

Travel DAZE explores how to create the most sustainable travel businesses the world has seen.

So don’t be a dinosaur, come along on August 28 for a day of TED talks for the industry: no sales pitches, no death-by-powerpoint – 15-min talks by smart folks. Or we unleash the T-Rex.

Here’s the speaker’s list so far, but stay tuned! We’ll be releasing more big names soon.


Jamie Sweeting, president of Planettera, and Vice President for Social Enterprise and Sustainability at G Adventures


Julia Zaetta, editor-in-chief at Better Homes and Gardens


Chris Taylor, MC, The Chaser


Michelle Allen, head of travel, Google


Giles Gilbert, regional manager ANZ, Malaysia Airlines


Mary Hoang, founder and head psychologist, The Indigo Project


Chris Roberts, chief executive, TIA


Dayana Brooke, founder and managing director, The Sustainable Traveller

Super Earlybirds on sale now – don’t miss out.

Where: The NSW Teachers Federation, Surry Hills, Sydney

When: August 28 2019

How much: $250 super early bird on sale NOW

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