Open doors to Asia: MCI

Open doors to Asia: MCI
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The head of MCI’s association division has reiterated the need for event companies to tap into the Asian market if they want to survive the “transition phase” currently facing the industry.

Speaking with The Nibbler yesterday on a short visit to Australia, MCI president Asia Pacific and chief executive of the association division Robin Lockerman touched on several topical areas currently facing the global events industry.

Adapting to generational trends topped the agenda, followed with skills gaps, regulations and content maximization.

But the rise of Asia presented the biggest opportunities for Australian event companies, Lockerman said, noting that Asian visitors to Australia were sure to take off in the next five years.

“We are seeing a transition phase in the global events industry and a shift in the Asian market,” he said. “While Asian business was once big in the US, it has slowed in Europe and is now moving towards Australia.”

Lockerman said Asia was sure to become the biggest inbound market to Australia in the next decade, and added that now was the time for Australian businesses to “aggressively target” the Asian market.

“Everyone needs to have a China strategy,” he said. “Companies who don’t cater for Asian travellers will miss out in the long run.”

Lockerman also touched on key challenges facing the Australian industry, noting that relevance was the biggest test at the moment.

“We are seeing the industry move through a period of change, largely because the world has not been a very nice economic environment. Therefore the need for businesses to remain relevant during this change remains the biggest challenge,” he concluded.

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