Featured Venue: A Loft Story

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in 2018 it’s that it pays to be more than just a one trick pony.

These fast times demand a range of skills, a plethora of experience. One must be ready to adapt and mould to whichever task pops up next.

And in this climate of fluidity why not ask the same of our events spaces.

That’s why for this week’s Featured Venue we embark on a visual journey of a space, which like ourselves, wears many hats: A Loft Story.

loft 2

Cutting through conventions like last year’s bangs, A Loft Story is at once a hair salon, creative hub, concert venue and indoor jungle.

And in one of the greatest features we have seen to date…you can bring your dog! In fact, it’s encouraged.

This multi-faceted space is found at 36 Lennox Street in the vibrant inner-city suburb of Newtown, 10 minutes away from the city and easy to access via public transport.

And for those travelling by car the two huge public carparks next door make parking a breeze.

The 240 square metre warehouse was once a Spam factory (yes, the ham in a can SPAM) and since then it has housed everyone from yogis to architects, café dwellers and motorbike mechanics.

loft 3

Seated the space will cater to 80 guests, while standing is suitable for up to 100 people, high ceilings mean the space retains a feeling of spaciousness even when at capacity.

The skylight floods the room with natural light and the lush greenery provides a welcome change to a stuffy boardroom.

The warehouse is equipped with an abundance of power points, air con, sound system, kitchen and fridge. A roller door allows the room to be opened to Camperdown Memorial park and a second entrance provides access for private events.

loft 4

A Loft Story have hosted photo-shoots for local designers, intimate live music gigs with Air BnB, influencer campaigns, press releases and terrarium workshops.

This is certainly far from your usual MICE or events space, but in a world saturated with events for all manner of things, A Loft Story is sure to leave a lasting impression.

To book an event, haircut or just for more information, visit: