Funlab has let its imagination run wild with the new Hijynx Hotel!

Amy Shapiro

Amy Shapiro

Funlab’s latest splendiferous brainchild, Hijinx Hotel, launched last Thursday with a roaring night of fun, frocks and folly!

The evening was a who’s-who spectacular with over 400 of Sydney’s most glamorous celebrity, influencer and media personalities in attendance including the likes of Abbie Chatfield, and Big Brother contestants Joel Notley, Gabby Keevil, Taras Hrubyj-Piper and Johnson Ashak, Instagram icons like Suzan Mutesi and many, many more.

Guests were welcomed to the old-timey New York-esque facade in true glamour with a red carpet lined with vintage Rolls Royces and trench-coated paparazzi plucked right out of a film noir, setting the scene perfectly for the retro, who ‘dunnit-style, leisure-tainment wonderland.

Walking through the doors to a faux hotel lobby where Salvador Dali meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a true Willy Wonka moment of wonder and whimsy. Guests were razzled and dazzled by live music courtesy of  DJ Ya Girl Party B, Charleston-themed feathered performers, jugglers and of course, roving frozen margies.

Here’s a hot tip – order the Bubble and Pop cocktail and behold as the bartender tops a passionfruit, white chocolate and tequila cocktail with a sweetly scented bubble that bursts to release a tantalising vapour!

The ‘play, not stay’ venue boasts three cocktail bars and 15 quick-play, nostalgia-inducing challenge rooms, where guests can navigate through challenges inspired by flashback faves like Twister, Scrabble and Tetris and nods to iconic flicks like Titanic and Tom Hank’s Big. 

Blaise Witnish, chief growth & innovation officer at Funlab, said: 

“Hijinx Hotel is like nothing we’ve ever done, or that the world has ever seen before. It’s perfect for the young and young at heart who are wildly sentimental or love a throwback.”

But wait, there’s more!

The behemoth entertainment space is a serious one-two punch of jaw-dropping delight. Because under the same gargantuan 14-metre high ceiling in Sydney’s Alexandria is the newly unveiled mega Holey Moley that really does do justice to the name of the fantastical mini putt-putt franchise, featuring Giant Avocado, Pirate Ship, Jaws and Honey I Shrunk the Kids themed holes and some classic fan-favourites like the Simpsons scene. 

Witnish continued: “Not only are we stoked to be giving the precinct this brand new and exciting concept, we think the addition of our biggest EVER Holey Moley venue will add even more fun-factor to Alexandria, and the existing Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq venue, and further establish it as the perfect place for an epic day or night out.”

There are so many curated details to make every aspect of the precinct memorable, and of course, a blast to experience. The team has let their imaginations run wild and we are thrilled to finally open the doors on Hijinx Hotel and the mega Holey Moley.”

Both Hijinx Hotel and its neighbouring Holey Moley are open for business in O’Riodran Street, Alexandria. 

So go play! It’s a guaranteed good-time venue, and the best fever dream you’ll ever have.

Image Source: Jack Bennett (Photographer)