Helloworld Business signs new agency

Helloworld Business Travel (HWBT) has snagged a new agency to add to the group, signing Sean Simmons Travel.

It comes off the back of Helloworld’s name shake up, announcing its Qantas headline act for Helloworld Business Summit, and trialling a whole new look in a Victorian agency.

“We are delighted to announce the signing of Sean Simmons Travel with the Helloworld Business Travel network” said David Padman, Head of Associate, Corporate and Affiliate Networks at Helloworld.

“Sean Simmons Travel is a successful corporate agency with a strong client portfolio that will bring significant volume to the Helloworld Business Travel network and we are pleased to confirm this announcement.”

Sean Simmons signing with HWBT
Sean Simmons (far left) and the team at Sean Simmons Travel with Steve Hona (right rear) HWBT Business Manager

Director and founder Sean Simmons echoed the sentiment, adding, “The Helloworld Business Travel model provides us with corporate benefits that complement our client’s demanding expectations, and add great benefit to our overall tailored solution.

We’re eager to leverage their competitive supplier agreements, in particular the Serko Online solutions, plus utilize the knowledge and experience of their corporate support team.

“The continued investment in technology, coupled with their drive and commitment to ensuring our growth and success, made the Helloworld proposition particularly appealing, and we look forward to building a strong partnership over the next 3 years.

“As a customer focused business, we look forward to using the Helloworld systems to drive expansion and reward our ever growing client portfolio.”