ICC Sydney receives enviro certification, announces new name for theatre

Sydney’s International Convention Centre (ICC Sydney) has achieved Silver Certification from EarthCheck.

Benchmarked against the sector, EarthCheck placed the venue above best practice for energy consumption, water consumption, emissions and waste.

In June, ICC Sydney’s waste reduction program won the UFI Sustainable Development Award 2020.

Aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the venue’s ‘refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and recover’ waste methodology resulted in a 58 per cent landfill diversion rate in 2019-20.

To target single-use plastics, ICC Sydney also became a signatory to City of Sydney’s Single-Use Pledge, and in 2018, the venue joined the ‘Sydney Doesn’t Suck’ campaign.

The combined effort has removed 520,000 individually wrapped mints from meeting rooms each year, prevented 88,000 straws from entering landfill annually and coffee cup lids have been replaced by an opt-in system at kiosks, which saw a 93 per cent reduction in coffee cup lid purchases.

ICC Sydney chief executive Geoff Donaghy said the certification recognises the venue’s commitment to operating in a socially and environmentally sound manner.

“As the recognised global benchmark for standards in sustainable travel and tourism, this is an important endorsement of our efforts to drive best performance across energy consumption, water use, GHC emissions and waste,” he said.

“Sustainability is a key priority for ICC Sydney and embedded across our organisation. We have implemented rigorous KPIs and work hand in hand with our clients, suppliers and wider communities to track the impact of events and ensure these leave a positive legacy.”

The new certification comes as the venue announced it will rename its First State Super Theatre to Aware Super Theatre in mid-September 2020 to align with the super fund’s impending name change.

First State Super first secured naming rights to the 8,000-seat venue in July 2019.

Featured image source: iStock/TkKurikawa