MEL-SYD second busiest airline route globally

Daisy Doctor

Anyone who has ever flown from Melbourne to Sydney would know the flight is quite easy.

A mere hour twenty will have you transported from graffiti-clad laneways to pristine harbourside beaches.

What you might not know about this flight is that it is the second business domestic route globally.

You read that right, our humble journey from Melbourne to Sydney is flown more than 50,000 times a year, second only to Jeju in South Korea to Seoul’s main airport.

The high frequency of flights can either be explained by Melbournites with an insatiable desire to swim at Bondi or business travellers, but we think it might be the latter.

The results come from aviation analysts OAG in the latest Punctuality League Report.

For the sake of a good story, we’re going to conveniently ignore Australia’s dismal ranking in punctuality and instead focus on the insane frequency of our domestic flights.

The Melbourne to Sydney flight wasn’t the only Aussie route featured in the top 10 either, with Brisbane to Sydney coming in eighth overall.

This route accounts for a whopping 33,765 flights yearly, flown mainly by Jetstar.

This is a huge achievement for airport staff at Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and we applaud your hard work!

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