Rafael Nadal and Meliá Hotels open first ZEL hotel in Mallorca

Rafael Nadal and Meliá Hotels open first ZEL hotel in Mallorca
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Global tennis superstar, Rafael Nadal, and luxury hotel chain Meliá have joined forces to create a new brand, ZEL, and the first hotel in the new chain will soon be open. 

The ZEL Mallorca hotel is counting the days until it opens its doors this summer to present an inspirational experience that pays tribute to the unmistakable lifestyle of a Mediterranean home.

The first ZEL hotel is located in Palmanova, Mallorca, just 20 minutes from the airport, five minutes from one of Europe’s most stunning ports, Puerto Portals and right alongside a beach with over 1,000 metres of white sand and crystal-clear waters.

At ZEL Mallorca, the patio serves as the heart, epicentre and energy source for the hotel, functioning as a lobby and joining the various areas together. A reflection of the passion for outdoor life.

Taking this love of open spaces as inspiration and the trend of biophilic design as a starting point, the rooms have been conceptualised with colours, textures and shapes that convey the natural world, generating a sense of peace, well-being and reflection for guests.

ZEL Mallorca. (Supplied)

The interior of ZEL Mallorca highlights a harmonious combination of influences, with nods and references to other key aspects of Mediterranean culture, such as those from Italy and Greece, along with prints and finishes in maritime tones.

The 165-room property features two pools. The rooms include 21 Suites and Junior Suites with incredible views of the sea. Electrical appliances are from CREATE, giving a retro feel to the rooms while maintaining the contemporary essence. The amenities in the rooms are creations specially selected from the personal care company HAAN.

“With our first ZEL hotel in Mallorca, and with the concept that we have created for the brand, we are looking to offer those moments in life that I enjoy so much: everyone knows that I love sailing, particularly in the Mediterranean; eating on the beach, at a beach bar or in a beach club; and relaxing while spending time with friends and family, feeling at home,” Rafael Nadal, said. 

“This is what’s most important to me, what I wanted to convey with ZEL, and I believe we have achieved it.” 

The first hotel from Meliá Hotels International and Rafael Nadal reflects the spirit of Mallorca: both relaxed and full of life. In doing this they have created a hotel that combines the concepts of both fiesta and siesta, where relaxing and having a good time are the priority.

Along these same lines, ZEL Mallorca also offers some of the best culinary and gourmet options such as Beso beach, with over 10 years of experience as a benchmark for gastronomic quality, thanks to its cuisine from the heart of the Mediterranean and the Basque Country.

Beso Beach Mallorca repeats the same magic formula with tables on the sand and a menu containing fantastic products, with rice with Carabinero prawns, txuletón de vaca vieja bilbaína (T-bone steak), lobster tails and delicious mussels featuring as just some of its star dishes.

“The personality of ZEL Mallorca has a little something for everyone,” GM, ZEL Mallorca, Antonio Albiol, said. 

“Here you can do everything or just enjoy yourself while doing nothing; we have thought of every little detail to make sure your visit to our home is unique.”

“We have a programme full of events that celebrate life: concerts, parties on the beach or by the pool, and endless hours of music that fits perfectly with every moment of the day.” 

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