South Australia to welcome back national robotics championship

VEX Robotics, in conjunction with the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, has chosen South Australia to remain the home of the biennial VEX Robotics Australian National Championship.

With Adelaide successfully holding the event in 2019, South Australia bid to host it in 2021 2023 and 2025 was prepared by the Adelaide Convention Bureau (ACB), and included support from Premier Steven Marshall, Minister for Education John Gardner, Chief Scientist Caroline McMillen, and City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor.

Heath May, managing director of VEX Robotics, said: “We couldn’t be more thrilled about this new partnership with South Australia and the Adelaide Convention Bureau. It will allow us to do great things in the robotics space.

“With over 60 SA schools registered to compete in our local VEX Robotics competitions this year, South Australia’s enthusiasm and commitment to embedding robotics education are unmistakable.”



The goal of this event aligns with the South Australian government’s EXCITE and FIXE Startup and Entrepreneurship strategies, and complements the state Department of Education’s $250 million ‘STEM Works’ investment plan rolled out to 139 schools (75,000 students) to enrich teaching and learning.

ACB chief executive Damien Kitto said the bureau was delighted to win the event.

“SA is fast becoming the national home of STEM and leading-edge space and AI research, and the ACB is keen to encourage more such events to Adelaide so young adults can recognise us as such a destination,” he said.

South Australia has set a tentative date for the 2021 VEX National Australian Robotics Championship to be held from 5 March to 7 March.

Acne-riddled nerds and geeks armed with killer robots are set to descend upon South Australia soon, after the state secured a biennial event.

Featured image source: YouTube/Vex Robotics