Sports Events 365 creates hybrid website for sporting and music event tickets

Sports Events 365 customers will be able to buy tickets directly and online thanks to the development of a new hybrid website.

The company has completed the development of a new supplier interface, which allows major ticket brokers who work with Sports Events 365 to access the site directly on a continuous basis.

Thanks to this, the company’s customers will now be able to receive immediate confirmation on 85 per cent of tickets. Currently, customers receive immediate confirmation on 50 per cent of them.

The in-house developed interface is available to major ticket brokers who work with the company and now allows them direct access to the site on a continuous basis, with the tool allowing suppliers to post prices and quantities of tickets for sporting events from a PC or smartphone app.

Sefi Donner, founder and CEO of Sports Events 365, said: “The ability to obtain immediate confirmation is key to the travel industry and is expected to greatly contribute to improved efficiency and a better customer experience.

“Immediate confirmation is critical for travellers who want to guarantee tickets for a match before making hotel and or airline reservations. Travel websites, travel agencies, hotel chains and airlines will also benefit from our new service.”

Sports Events 365 claims to be the first website to allow its customers to enjoy both tickets through direct relationships with dozens of European football clubs, comprising 30 per cent of tickets, and tickets which are directly uploaded by a selected list of suppliers who are committed to the company’s “high fulfillment standards”.

It expects the new service to generate $1 million in additional revenue this year alone.