Tourism Australia ups its presence coming out of the pandemic with new ad campaigns

Tourism Australia has launched a new international business events brand campaign, ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia,’ and the latest iteration of the domestic business events marketing campaign, ‘Event Here This Year.’

Delivered by Tourism Australia’s specialist business unit, Business Events Australia, the campaigns form part of a broader recovery strategy that aims to holistically support Australia’s business events industry.

The new international creative strategy and brand campaign for Business Events Australia aims to drive demand in key global markets and show ‘There’s Nothing like Australia for Business Events.’

The campaign will build on the momentum of the recent reopening of Australia’s international border and marks the first phase of a broader marketing strategy that will position Australia for long term growth as a global leader in business events.

The new business events campaign invites the world to experience the impact that Australia can have on your thinking, by promoting Australia as a destination that is home to friendly people with fresh perspectives, coupled with an iconic and diverse quality of offering.

The campaign will be launched from March 2022 in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, South-South East Asia, New Zealand and China, with high impact placements across business events trade media; and will be supported by content, social and public relations activity.

There’s Nothing Like Australia Ad

Alongside this campaign, Tourism Australia’s ‘Event Here This Year’ will target local decision makers and drive demand for face-to-face business events by promoting the value that only in-person connections can generate for business.

First launched as part of bushfire recovery efforts in January 2020 and later evolved to address the ongoing impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Event Here This Year’ remains Tourism Australia’s unifying platform to help bolster business events across Australia.

The campaign positions face-to-face business events as the critical ingredient to build and foster workplace culture, morale and performance in today’s hybrid working environment. The creative features a suite of headlines juxtaposing the cliché’s of working from home against the benefits of face-to-face business events.

The campaign will run through to June 30, 2022, across a range of media including business press, out of home, social media, digital display and search; and will be supported by a content and public relations program.

The campaign forms part of a broader domestic business events strategy and is delivered alongside corporate sentiment research program and partnership program – the Business Events Boost Program, which provides funding support for industry-led marketing and distribution projects to encourage business event activity in Australia.

Event Here This Year Ad