West HQ announces new tech venture at Sydney Coliseum Theatre

One of Sydney’s largest entertainment destinations has partnered with NEC Australia for a new tech venture at the Sydney Coliseum Theatre.

NEC Australia, a provider of public and private ITC solutions, will work with West HQ – a destination hub in the heart of Western Sydney – in a partnership centred around the Sydney Coliseum Theatre, which is set to open on 21 December.

The facility will offer 2,000 seats in a multi-mode venue for concerts, musicals and theatre entertainment.

NEC said the partnership will see West HQ and the Sydney Coliseum Theatre established as “a technology showcase venue for technical innovation”.

This will include the future deployment of an NEC technology-enhanced customer access solution in partnership with West HQ’s other major technology partners.

“We are incredibly excited about the relationship forged with NEC and are confidently looking to how we will evolve the partnership and do exceptional things for the arts and the community together,” West HQ CEO Richard Errington said.

The customer experience will include another major theatrical first – a digital walkway ‘crystal bridge’ with glass flooring brought to life by the latest in LED display technology, creating an immersive visual experience for patrons before entering the Sydney Coliseum Theatre.

NEC Australia managing director Mitsuhiro Murooka said: “NEC has been intimately involved with the design and construction of the Sydney Coliseum Theatre at West HQ.

“This really will be a centre of technological excellence, a world class venue with world class technology solutions, and a one-of-a-kind for Sydney.

“[T]his is an entirely new frontier for us – the possibilities now and into the future are boundless.”

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