Young woman pockets almost $4,000 for live-streaming herself sleeping for five hours

A well-known Taiwanese streamer has enjoyed a very lazy payday simply by filming herself sleeping for hours and letting people watch.

Wang Yiming joined streaming platform Twitch last year shortly after the break-up of the Chinese-Malaysian pop group she was a member of, AMOi-AMOi.

Since then, she’s managed to gain quite a presence on Twitch by streaming herself playing video games and chewing the fat with fans.

However, last month Wang decided to mix it up and try something very bold indeed: sleeping for five hours straight and letting her follows watch every second live.

She kicked off the stream at 5pm (local time) by lying down on her bed, putting on an eye mask and nodding off, only to wake up five hours later to discover tens of thousands of fans had tuned in, with a peak of 11,200 concurrent viewers, according to Oddity Central.

During her nap, Wang also managed to generate roughly $US3,000 ($3,906) in donations (not to mention the ad revenue).

Oddity Central reported that some of the people who tuned in to the bizarre live stream were commenting on things such as Wang’s sleeping position and whether or not she had her mouth open.

You can enjoy nine seconds of the five-hour streaming marathon below: