Cover-More’s improves customer experience

Cover-More’s new, market-leading tech offering Impulse is being used by leading global airlines to improve customer experience.

In simple terms, Impulse is a highly evolved software created by Cover-More to improve customer experience and, in turn, increase sales. The intuitive capability of Impulse allows Cover-More to create a tailored product offering that best suits the needs of a customer.

First launched in 2014, Impulse has recently undergone significant upgrades with new features added to further cement its place on the forefront of customer service sales technology.

Impulse works simply and deliberately – anticipating the every possible need of a customer and works backwards to offer relevant products and services. No other insurance provider has anything that compares.

Leading global airlines, including Virgin, Air New Zealand, Malaysia Airlines are among the many service providers across the world that use Impulse, coupled with their own customer research and insight, to offer customised products and superior customer service experience.

Flight Centre, Hello World, India’s Yatra, Hong Kong Express, P&O, Australia Post, Medibank and Westpac, are also using Impulse across their digital customer offerings.

Carole Tokody, CEO of Cover-More Inc for North America, Canada and Global Direct, headed up the team who designed it and they’re constantly evolving the product to better suit changes to the industry. She said that while the innovative software was initially designed for Cover-More to expand its digital business, it was soon clear Impulse had wider applications across travel and other industries.

“With an important product like travel insurance, it’s crucial that our customers get the right option for them and the travel they are embarking on. Investing in innovation and developing this technology is about ensuring our customers get the best service and tailored, relevant product offerings,” Carole explained.

“Impulse is an incredible, market-leading piece of tech, but it’s nothing without the thought and care that goes into assessing consumer behaviour at an emotional and cultural level, which is how the product really comes into its own when used by Cover-More and our global partners.”

Cover-More is able to make minor adjustments to Impulse specifically for customers across a range of industries, from airlines to cruise companies and more. The technology improvements ensure the product is the superior in the market, and Impulse has grown alongside its massive consumer growth. Unlike its competitors, Impulse can operate under and alongside any platform. Therefore it’s incredibly user friendly and, for a new airline to come on board, they do not need to alter their existing systems, instead allowing Impulse to work with their own software.