Fancy a nap in the cargo hold?

Let’s face it: trying to sleep on a plane can seriously suck.

Especially if you’re stuck in economy class with very limited space to catch some beauty sleep.

Luckily, if you’re travelling in an Airbus SE, you may soon be able to pop down to the cargo hold for a quick nap in a REAL BED.


According to Bloomberg, the European jet maker is working with Zodiac Aerospace to introduce lie-flat beds that fit into the cargo areas.

The lie-flat beds are set to be rolled out on Airbus A330 widebody aircraft as early as 2020.

“This approach to commercial air travel is a step change towards passenger comfort,’’ said Geoff Pinner, the head of the Airbus cabin and cargo program, according to Airlines Ratings.

“We have already received very positive feedback from several airlines on our first mock-ups.”

“We are pleased to partner with Zodiac Aerospace on this project which will introduce a new passenger experience and add value for airlines.”

The idea of introducing sneaky cargo-hold naps was first introduced by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce last month after the airline’s inaugural Perth to London flight. 

The sleeping berths would be installed in a way that would allow them to be quickly replaced with regular cargo fittings for a quick turn around, reports Bloomberg.

According to Airlines Ratings, some of the concept modules include a lounge, conference room and even kids play area complete with a slide.