“Borders on insanity”: Man plans to turn disassembled jet into backyard event venue

Taking event hosting to a new level, a Croatian man plans to turn a jet aircraft parked in his backyard into a new venue.

After purchasing a commercial airplane, which he parked in his backyard, Robert Sedlar from Zabok in Croatia’s Zagorje region said his idea to transform a decommissioned Adria Airways jet into a venue “borders on insanity”.

“I purchased the plane and it sits now on my property in Strmec Stubički. My idea borders on insanity, but I was ready to do anything to purchase the plane, disassemble it and put it together,” Sedlar told

The man reportedly acquired the aircraft from Croatia’s Osijek Airport with the help of a “contact” at Trade Air.


“The project is still in progress. We have completed two of the three steps, and there was some thought that I might quit if I came across an insurmountable barrier in the realisation of the project,” Sedlar said.

“It will be able to be used for filming, stag and hens’ nights in the evening, and there will be two flight simulators for children in the cockpit.”

Sedlar told that the response to his project has been “more than positive” and full of support.

The aircraft is reportedly Fokker F-100 that contains 109 passenger seats. According to Sedlar, the aircraft was used by Indonesian, Brazilian and Mexican airlines, and had been at Croatia’s Osijek Airport for several years.