London Bridge attacker was attending a conference during rampage

A convicted terrorist who stabbed two people to death and injured many more in an attack near London Bridge was attending a criminology conference when he began his spree.

28-year-old Usman Khan began stabbing people at the conference in Fishmonger’s Hall before heading out to London Bridge to continue his rampage.

The Times reported the attacker was a guest at a conference held by the University of Cambridge-based prison-education organisation Learning Together.

Khan threatened to blow up the venue before stabbing several people.

One witness to the attack posted to Twitter that a man who was in Fishmonger’s Hall “Took a 5′ narwhal tusk from the wall and went out to confront the attacker”.

The man with the tusk was reportedly joined by a man with a fire extinguisher who hosed down the attacker’s face.

The attacker was chased by witnesses and eventually shot by police.

Tour guide Stevie Hurst and his colleague Thomas Grey were on the scene when the attack occurred.

Hurst told the BBC he heard people screaming that the attacker had “stabbed a couple of women”.

“Everyone was just on top of him, trying to bundle him to the ground,” Hurst said.

“We saw that the knife was still in his hand… I just put a foot in to try and kick him in the head.

“We were trying to do as much as we could to try and dislodge the knife from his hand so he wouldn’t harm anyone else.”

Grey told the BBC he stamped on the attacker’s wrist to try make him release one of the two knives he was holding, including one taped to his wrist.

“I was brought up on rugby and the rule is ‘one in, all in’. I did what any Londoner would do and tried to put a stop to it,” Grey said.

“He had two knives on him, one in each hand, and it looked like they were taped to his hands.

“I stamped on his left wrist while someone else smacked his hand on the ground and kicked one of the knives away.”