Tas events industry unscathed: BE Tasmania

Tas events industry unscathed: BE Tasmania
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Business Events Tasmania (BE Tasmania) is reassuring event organisers it’s “business as usual” in the wake of the bushfires, but is encouraging the industry to support the bushfire appeal as fire victims start to pick up the pieces.

More than 130 homes were destroyed by wild bushfires which burned more than 110,000 hectares across the island state earlier this month. Described as the worst fire in half a century, authorities expect the region will take up to two years to recover.

But as the ashes settle, BE Tasmania chief executive Stuart Nettlefold has insisted that the business events industry is operating as usual, with most parts of the island untouched by the fires.

Some delegates may experience disruptions to pre and post touring options on the Tasman peninsula, but the central business events areas in Hobart and Launceston “remain largely unaffected”, he said.

“We’re certainly assuring organisers it’s business as usual and bushfires haven’t had any effects on events held here,” he told The Nibbler yesterday. “There were some road closures potentially affecting pre and post touring, but the most substantial damage was on the edge of the Tasman Peninsula where there is minimal business events activity.”

Meanwhile, the tourism industry has not been so lucky, with many tourism operators expecting dramatically reduced visitor numbers in the following months.

“There’s been a fair bit of publicity which is likely to affect tourism. But the best remedy for those places is to get people back there as soon as possible to support tourism operators and businesses,” Nettlefold said.

BE Tasmania thanked the industry for its support and appealed to operators to donate to the Red Cross Tasmanian Bushfire Appeal 2013 to provide assistance to those affected.

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