Politician forced to resign after sucking woman’s breast during Zoom meeting

An Argentinian politician has been left without a job and “very ashamed” after being caught sucking his girlfriend’s breast during a Zoom meeting, which happened to be broadcast to the country’s congress.

According to multiple reports, Juan Emilio Ameri, 47 and said to be a married father of three, was forced to resign from his position in the Frente de Todos political coalition after the incident was broadcast on the lower house’s YouTube channel.

The Guardian reports the incident was also shown on a giant screen set up in congress for online debates during the pandemic, with many Argentinian legislators attending sessions from home.

As the Zoom conference was broadcast throughout the lower house, a woman was seen approaching Emilio, and sitting on his lap, as shown in footage shared by Argentina’s Todo Noticias.

Ameri then appeared to be touching the woman’s body, before pulling down her top and sucking on her breast.


According to The Guardian, Ameri claimed that he thought he was offline during the incident, but resigned on Thursday after he was called to order by the president of the lower house, Sergio Massa.

“I have a terrible [internet] connection at home,” Ameri said in a radio interview later.

Ameri said that his girlfriend, who had recent breast augmentation surgery, happened to enter the room while he thought he was offline and that he called her over, as reported by The Guardian.

“Let’s see how the implants look, I told her. Look, this one’s down more, this one’s down less, let’s look at the scars, and she was beside me and I kissed her tits, and that was all,” Ameri said.

However, despite his claim that he thought he was offline, footage shows Ameri looking directly into his computer’s camera before pulling down the woman’s blouse, in full view of the other members of congress and online viewers.

It comes after Mexican politician Martha Lucia Micher mistakenly managed to show her breasts to colleagues after conceding she didn’t quite have the hang of using Zoom.

Featured image source: YouTube/Todo Noticias